FireStarter is the ultimate platform to serve as a fast and highly secure virtual data room. It will get you efficiently and cost-effective from negotiations to closing, without friction and faster than any other platform.

It’s FireStarter’s sole purpose to bring convenience to the due diligence process. FireStarter does this by removing the friction in collecting, sharing data, and proving the authenticity with an immutable technology.

Why choose FireStarter?

  • Setup a Binder in 2 minutes without the need of the FireStarter team.
  • Easy to use interface for data collecting and sharing.
  • Get the right answers to your questions with the Q&A tool
  • Keep everyone up to date with the notification system and the daily digest mail.
  • Get insights into the Binder with the activity feed and reporting charts.
  • Create irrefutable evidence with blockchain technology at the moment of closing the deal.

And, with FireStarter, you can create data rooms for a fair
and completely transparent pricing.

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Document storage

All documents are encrypted on the server by one of the strongest block ciphers available (AES-256) and stored on the Amazon servers.  


FireStarter offers by default to 2 pricing models (silver and gold).  The fixed price is paid on the creation of the Binder. No unexpected extra’s in the future.  All features are available in both pricing models. The difference is in the size of the Binder.

Silver (249 euro)

  • max. 15 users
  • max. 5 GB data
  • support in 3 business days
  • available for 6 months

Gold (999 euro)

  • unlimited users
  • 50 GB data    
  • support in 24 ours
  • available for 12 months

Do you frequently set up new Binders? 
We’ll set up a custom plan to meet your company’s needs.

Addendum Blockchain

After every document sharing process, a classic data room provider provides the involved parties with a certificate and a sealed USB, DVD, or hard drive. This data carrier is used to prove the exact state of the documents shared and disclosed at the moment on which parties are satisfied with the shared materials upon which they rely to conclude their agreement and which are in most cases an attachment to that agreement.

In such cases in which the data are used as an attachment to evidence disclosures to an agreement, the data room provider acts as the source of trust on which the parties have to rely to authentify the state of the data room and its contents. 

In some cases, a physical copy of the data room is sent to the different parties involved (lawyers, corporate finance advisors, etc…).  When you send a USB key to the other side of the world, the object is handled in many different places and by many different persons. There is a chance your confidential data get lost or stolen during transport.  This process is potentially resulting in a data privacy breach. Also and more practically, access to the data room has ended for all parties, which makes it burdensome to access the data which was once shared.

FireStarter tackles these security and privacy issues for you.

Whenever you seal a FireStarter data room, you’ll receive a secured zip folder of the data room which is behind a security wall. The hash (being the unique ID) of the zip folder is stored in the blockchain for which you’ll receive a certificate indicating the time and location of the unique ID in the blockchain. FireStarter is using the blockchain as an alternative for the certificate which goes with the DVD or USB key.

The blockchain is a distributed and immutable data storage. FireStarter is not the owner of the blockchain.  And you do not need FireStarter to view your sealing key and compare it to the one you received on your certificate.  The blockchain is acting as the source of trust enabling you at any time to examine the hash of the zip folder (and thus it’s content) to the one which is stored in the blockchain.

If someone would make the slightest change in the zip folder which contains the sealed data, the blockchain won’t recognize it as being the data set for which a hash was stored in the blockchain. In other words: parties will at any time being able to independently verify whether or not the zip folder they want to use to evidence their disclosures, is, in fact, the same one as they agreed upon when reaching their agreement and sealing it in the blockchain.

There is no more need for certified USB keys or DVDs with all the security and privacy hazards that they contain and no more need to rely on a third party for certification. Besides your data room remains at all times consultable after sealing it.

How does it work? What gets stored in the blockchain?

When you seal your Binder, FireStarter converts the full document structure into one single zip file.

After this process, FireStarter creates a unique hash based on the content of the zip file. To generate this hash, FireStarter is using an open source algorithm (SHA-256).

The algorithm only works in one direction.  It is impossible to recover the content of the zip file based on the hash publically stored in the blockchain. But if you have access to the zip file which is AES 256 encrypted and stored on Amazon S3 (in other words: stored in the most secure circumstances), you can create the hash on your own and compare it to the one stored in the blockchain to prove the authenticity of your data.

FireStarter stores this hash in the Ethereum/Bitcoin blockchain and delivers you the result of this process as a certificate.

What can you evidence?

You can verify the authenticity of the documents at the moment of sealing.

Firestarter automatically sends (i) the zip file and (ii) the blockchain certificate to the owners and involved parties of the project which you select.  The blockchain certificate indicates the position and hash in the blockchain.

Everyone can apply the algorithm to the zip file to create the hash.  This hash needs to be the same as the one stored in the blockchain.  

For example: If you change a single character in a single file, the outcome of this algorithm calculation will deliver a different hash.  And you can prove the data is not authentic.

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