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Closing M&A deals faster with intuitive and hands-on due diligence software

FireStarter is a progressive data room provider, based on the blockchain, the most trustworthy digital evidencing technology. What to expect?

  • 100% proof of data authenticity.
  • No hidden fees. Just one cost from start to sealing.
  • No more redundant use of DVD’s or USB’s after sealing.
  • An easy to use interface to close your deals easier and faster.

What makes FireStarter different from other M&A data rooms?

No more hassle about the authenticity of M&A data! By using blockchain technology, FireStarter provides maximum security when it comes to your data and puts a necessary end to M&A disputes.

A seamless experience from opening to sealing

Opening the M&A data room

Create your M&A data room in less than 2 minutes. On desktop, tablet or mobile phone. Drag-and-drop, rename, move and archive your documents with our clear and effective user-interface. Blockchain technology ensures your data is securely stored and verified.

Invite co-workers and bidders

Invite co-workers and bidders to your virtual data room in just a couple clicks and manage what they can do. FireStarter logs all the user-activity so you have the evidence at the tips of your fingers.


Collaboration becomes a peace of cake with our Q&A section. Have a clear overview of all the questions co-workers and bidders have, react rapidly and shorten your M&A deal closing time considerably.

Sealing the M&A deal

Ready to seal the M&A deal? Your data is safely sealed in just a few clicks away. No more unsafe redundant use of DVD’s or USB’s. FireStarter uses the blockchain, the most trustworthy digital evidencing technology. Blockchain technology makes it easy to identify data breaches. Who had access to which documents and when? FireStarter gives 100% clarity about the authenticity of your data.

Be confident your data is authentic

By using blockchain, the most trustworthy digital evidencing technology, it is impossible to doubt the authenticity of M&A data. Thereby, FireStarter removes the friction in collecting, sharing and sealing confidential data.

And there are more M&A features

Get insights

Insightful reports keep you up to speed with what is happening in your binder.

Privacy and compliant

We’re US, EU, Swiss Privacy Shield and GDPR compliant.


Europe, North-America, South-America or Asia: store your data anywhere you want.


Cloud-based, no software downloads required. Accessible on all your devices.


The application and our helpdesk are available 24/7, anywhere, anytime.


Available in 7 languages. Pay in your own currency.


Drag-and-drop a complete directory to FireStarter.



  • 15 users
  • 5 GB data
  • Support in 3 business days
  • Available for 6 months
249 EUR
excl VAT | per year


  • Unlimited users
  • 50 GB data
  • Support in less than 24 hours
  • Available for 1 year
999 EUR
excl VAT | per year


Want to create multiple or unlimited binders? We’ll set up a custom plan to meet your company’s needs.

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