Permit applications

Get your licences or permits without any friction.

Avoid wasting time doing things that are irrelevant. Firestarter allows you to focus on what really matters: your permit or licence.

Revolutionized document gathering

FireStarter eliminates all friction in licence or permit application processes as it allows all involved parties to securely share documents and interact through the Q&A tool enabling fast necessary documentation gathering and completion of the application file.

Once the application file is completed and submitted, it can be easily sealed and archived in a secure blockchain, providing a certificate on the documents contained in the application.


Transparent pricing

No hidden fees or extra costs. You pay 249 euros per year for unlimited users, 500GB of data storage and a blockchain seal of your data, including authenticity certificate.


Ready, set, go!

Get started within 5 minutes. You don’t need to wait for a help desk to get started. You only need to do what matters: create your account, invite people and start sharing documents.


Maximum security

FireStarter encrypts all your documents for storage. In just one single click, your data is sealed in the most secured network on earth: blockchain.


A user-focused solution

When you invite people to your binder, they will be amazed by its user-friendliness. FireStarter is the user-friendliest solution for shared documents, Q&A and reporting.

Other ways to use FireStarter

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Mergers and Acquisitions – Investments – Real Estate

Say goodbye to USB keys or DVDs to evidence the content of disclosures. FireStarter is the ultimate platform to serve as a fast and highly secured virtual data room, from negotiations to closing. In any deal size.

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Business and Project development

FireStarter allows business and project developers to comfortably interact with their partners. All through a professional environment in which data, questions, answers or ideas can be safely shared and managed.

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Dispute resolution

Negotiation – mediation – litigation

When disputes have arisen, trust between parties is mostly far away. FireStarter helps to restore trust between professionals by serving as a platform to securely share any size of confidential document production.

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Permit applications

Licence & governmental permits

Eliminate any friction in licence or permit application processes. FireStarter allows all involved parties to interact and securely share all the documents needed for completion of your files.

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