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The benefits of SHA 256 Hash and Blockchain

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The Blockchain

1. Compress

When you start sealing your virtual binder FireStarter compresses the full data stack to one single ZIP file. At the moment you start the sealing process, FireStarter prompts you to select which users should receive the ZIP file for reviewing or archiving purposes. When sealing is complete, FireStarter sends an automatic email to your members containing all information and data.

2. SHA 256 Hash

The ZIP file is used to create a unique hash – a set of characters. Changing one single file or a digit in your virtual binder results in a completely new hash. For this, we use the SHA-256 algorithm. Hashes can be created using different tools freely available on the web. The result should be the same as the hash generated by FireStarter. If not, the content of the ZIP file is not identical to the content sealed by FireStarter.

3. The Ethereum Blockchain

FireStarter pushes the SHA 256 hash to the Ethereum Blockchain, providing you with a hash certificate, a transaction ID and a timestamp. The transaction ID you need to look up the stored hash in the blockchain. Again, there are many independent tools available to find your hash.

4. Prove it.

No stronger evidence than your SHA 256 hash in the blockchain as it is immutable and distributed. In other words, altering the hash in the blockchain is impossible. This comes in handy when you have to demonstrate the authenticity of your ZIP file. You can hash it and then compare it to the hash in the blockchain. If the two are not identical the data in the ZIP file was altered.



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